The BlenditUp Hush Pad For Vitamix C-Series Blenders

The BlenditUp Hush Pad For Vitamix C-Series Blenders

Introducing The Vitamix C-Series Hush Pad

After selling thousands of Vitamix machines, the creators of BlenditUp had an idea. A way to add even more stability to an already incredible machine, and to significantly reduce the noise footprint. Introducing the HUSH PAD.

The Hush Pad is an all new way to use your Vitamix that will make you feel like your using a brand new machine. It's important to know that the HUSH PAD only works with the Vitamix C Series. It will not fit on Vitamix blenders that fall outside of those models.

Reduce Noise By Over 50%

Save On the Hush Pad and Tamper Holder Bundle.

Hush Pad: Reduce Blender noise by over 50%. Supports the Tamper Holder attachment.

Tamper Holder: Designed to work with the Hush Pad, the Tamper holder conveniently attaches to BlenditUps own Hush Pad, providing quick, easy access to your Tamper whilst blending.

Triton Brite Blender Cleaner: Keep your containers sparkling clean. 25 Applications per bottle. Made from 100% Natural Resources. Does not remove scratches.

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Compatible with all Vitamix C-Series Blenders.

Reduces Blender Noise by 50%.


Compatible with all Vitamix C-Series Models including:

5200 with Compact Container, 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen, 5200 Standard, 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle, 5300, 6000, 6300, 6500, CIA Professional Series, Creations GC, Creations GC with Compact Container, Creations II, Creations Turbo, Professional Series 200, Professional Series 200 with Compact Container, Professional Series 500, TurboBlend Three Speed, TurboBlend Three Speed Deluxe, TurboBlend VS.

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