Make Your Smoothie A Complete Meal®
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Our Story:

    One fateful afternoon many years ago, brothers, and Vitamix demonstrators, Rod and Danny, made a wonderful family proud, new owners of the powerful Vitamix, all-purpose, kitchen appliance. The family was so excited to try out their new Vitamix machine that they invited Rod and Danny to their home to help get them started! The Stuart brothers gladly accepted; however, when Rod and Danny soon realized that the family didn't have the key ingredients that the demonstrators used during their shows! They managed to find some old, freezer-burnt berries hidden in the back of the freezer and skim milk. That was it! Needless to say, the results were underwhelming and the family was not as impressed as when they had purchased their Vitamix earlier that day. This got the brothers thinking and Blenditup was born, and Rod and Danny created a line of consumables that would enhance the blending experience for everyone!