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Our Story:

     One fateful afternoon way back in 1998, Vitamix professional demonstrators Rodney J. Stuart and his brother Danny, made a wonderful family the proud new owners of the spectacularly powerful Vitamix blender/all-purpose kitchen appliance. The family was so excited to try out their brand new Vitamix machine, that they invited Rod and Danny to their home to help them get started! The Stuart brothers gladly accepted and were eager to show the family just how lucky they were to have the Vitamix added to their lives. However, when Rod and Danny were about to begin blending, they realized the family had little to no ingredients that the demonstrators used during their show! What were they going to do? They found some old, freezer burnt frozen fruit hidden in the back of the freezer to use for smoothies, and had only some salt and pepper to use to make their famous southwest soup! Needless to say, the smoothies and soup were very underwhelming and the family was not as impressed as when they had been earlier that day. This got the brothers thinking. "We send people home with this awesome machine and no ingredients/recipes to use with it! We need to come up with something so people can go home and immediately start blending like the pro's!" After much trial and error and perfecting the most perfect blend of spices known to man, Blenditup was born. Starting with the Southwest Spice Blend was the perfect way to get the right texture, taste, and consistency for the famous Vitamix Southwest Soup. Before, demonstrators would have to find 7-8 different spices to make the delicious recipe. Now, they could use just 1 perfect blend of spices to make an even better version of the already wonderful soup! And the best part? They could send customers home with it so they too could blend it like the pro's and make the same, delicious, magnificent soup they sampled during the Vitamix Demonstration.
     After seeing the success come from the Southwest Spice Blend, Rod decided to do the same for the smoothie portion of the demonstration and make a beautifully nutritious vegan organic protein that could easily be incorporated into any and all smoothies! With a perfect blend of vitamins, nutrients, and ancient grains built in, Organic Protein+ adds all the health benefits you want, without changing the taste! It is good for anyone and everyone looking to add a little slice of heaven to their diet. Along with the Southwest Spice Blend and the Vegan Organic Protein+ Smoothie Mix, we here at Blenditup continue to find other ways to help people blend like the pro's.
     Our Vegan Bee-Free Honey has the perfect amount of sweetness and texture to give an amazing taste to your smoothies, granola parfaits, or anything else you may use sugar or honey to sweeten. We also have a terrific blender container cleaner that is made from all natural, food safe ingredients that will make your blender container look as good as the day you bought it! And you don't have to worry about any leftover chemicals in your container as it is made from all natural, edible sources including only 3 ingredients, baking soda, white powder vinegar, and lemon zest.
     We here at Blenditup are always looking for ways to make your blending experience better, easier, and full of delight so that you can have more time enjoying your loved ones and living life to the fullest!