Hi, I'm Rod, cofounder of BlenditUp. Our company story began in 1998 when my brother and I were selling Vitamix blenders at a home show in Pocatello, Idaho. It was there that we had a life-changing moment that would shape the future of our business.

One night, we watched a nice family struggle to recreate the recipes they had just seen us make hours earlier at our live demonstration. Despite owning a brand new Vitamix blender, they were unable to replicate the healthy and delicious dishes we had shown them.

Feeling guilty and frustrated, we left their house that night determined to find a solution. We knew that we had to do more than just sell people blenders - we needed to empower them to use them with confidence and ease.

And so, BlenditUp was born. We started by creating a line of consumables specifically designed to be blended in a Vitamix, but our vision was always bigger. We wanted to help people create nourishing, complete meals with ease, no matter what type of blender they used.

Today, BlenditUp has evolved into a thriving business that offers a wide range of products designed to empower people to blend with confidence. From superfood powders and spice blends to nutritional supplements, we have something for everyone. Our products are not only made to be blended, but also designed for versatility, so you can create and enjoy with absolute confidence.

- Rod Stuart