In the late ‘90’s my brother and I were on the road and sold a Vitamix to a nice family in Pocatello, Idaho. I guess they just couldn't resist our smoothies, soups, sorbets, and well-traveled charm. That sweet family invited us over for a home-cooked meal. We happily accepted!

After dinner, they BEGGED us to make a 30-second, frozen dessert in their new Vitamix, just as we had shown them earlier that day at our live demonstration. We agreed, only to find out that they didn't have ANY of the ingredients required.  “We’re pros”, we thought, “We’ll figure something out”, but all they had were frostbitten, frozen blueberries and watery, skim milk.

We left dinner that night feeling defeated by flavorless ingredients!  We saw firsthand what customers are up against when they get their brand-new Vitamix home and try to blend it like we do. If they don’t have the right ingredients, it can all go wrong.  Even we, the blending experts, couldn’t get it right! Contemplating what had just happened, a light went on, and BlenditUp was born. We created a company that brings the best flavors, nutrition and key ingredients to Vitamix owners, and we give you the confidence to have the best first-blend experience possible.  

- Rod Stuart