Clean, mix with anything protein powders
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Our Story

 My name is Rod Stuart. I grew up in southern Utah in the 80’s raised by wonderful parents along with two amazing brothers, and a superwoman of a sister. My dad was a Vitamix blender salesman. He used to make us… well, there wasn’t really a name for it back then. Fruit shakes? haha! He made us smoothies! I’m so grateful that my parents introduced us to smoothies long before they were a household name. Today, still in Utah, my wife Katie and I keep that healthful tradition alive with our 4 beautiful daughters. We are passionate about eating clean, and we love to create wholesome supplements for our smoothies, and food in general, that we personally use and are proud of. Our line of food products includes; plant based and whey protein powders, vegan "bee free" honey, and a “everything” seasoning  for all your cooking needs.