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Vegan Organic Protein Smoothie Mix
  • Vegan Organic Protein Smoothie Mix
  • Vegan Organic Protein Smoothie Mix
Vegan Organic Protein Smoothie Mix - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

About the Product

  • WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED DIET: Finding the perfect protein supplement is one of the most difficult things about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially if your lifestyle is vegetarian or vegan. Vegan organic protein from plant sources with no animal products or whey in this delicious fruit smoothie mix that is enhanced with vitamins. It has a light taste so it is flavorless. It provides a complete amino acid profile and delicious, high-quality, dairy-free, pure vegan nutrition.
  • COMPLETE 100% VEGAN SUPPLEMENT: No Egg, No Animal Products, No Yeast, No Nuts, No Gluten, No Dairy, NoN-GMO, & 100% Kosher Powder. Organic Protein+ is a good choice for any Vegan's looking to increase their protein intake. It can also help contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Our Plant Based Protein is a way of consuming a high protein shake free of dairy & eggs.The freshest, best tasting Protein Powder Free from GMOs, growth hormones, pesticides, and other unhealthy stuff.
  • HOW TO USE : Delicious in a fruit smoothie, added to yogurt, or with juice and ice! Mixes really well by itself or as the perfect supplement. Contains probiotics to synthesize leucine for increased muscle building and increased digestibility. This mild blend is an excellent source of protein that enhances any food, from soups and smoothies to pancakes and muffins. Our ORGANIC PROTEIN POWDER delivers creamy, rich, delicious texture you'll love and mixes instantly with any beverage of choice.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: A protein food strength or weakness is based on the quality & quantity of its essential amino acid profile for healthful growth effects. Protein quality may therefore be judged by its essential amino acid yield per serving. Good amount of protein per serving with essential amino acids loaded with extra vitamins and nutrients to fuel your healthy lifestyle. Optimize recovery after workout. Nutrient Timing for Optimal Recovery, Weight loss, Nutritional & Immune System Booster.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Excellent for any athletes involved in Yoga, Qi Gong, Strength Training, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, any Sport, or just as a nutritional protein supplement. We are so confident that Blenditup will become your new go-to protein that if we're wrong, we'll give you your money back. Just use for 4 weeks. If you aren't overjoyed with the results, we'll refund 100% of your money for any reason, no questions asked. Excellent for everyone and everyday use. See below for more.