Finding Focus and Purpose: The Power of a Scheduled Life with a Positive Attitude

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Jordan Peterson's teachings on schedules, lists, and leadership have inspired many people to strive for excellence in their lives. According to Peterson, making a list of tasks for the day is an excellent way to achieve your goals and improve your life. However, it's important to remember that the list should serve your higher values and interests. This presupposes that you have already decided what your higher values are and have a vision in place.

The key to making a successful list is to aim high and focus on what's necessary for the day. You should concentrate on the most important tasks that will help you be in better shape tonight than you were in the morning. This requires asking yourself what's most important and focusing your thoughts and perceptions around that question.

It's important to remember that avoiding difficult issues won't make them go away. The best thing you can do is to face them head-on and do something worthwhile in the face of them. This helps build character and strength, which is what makes a true leader. According to Peterson, what you do and what you leave undone both have a significant impact on the world around you.


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People are far more powerful forces for good or evil than they believe. Each person is connected to a network of at least a thousand people, who in turn are connected to a million others. If each person strives to make things better and develops a valuable plan, they can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the world. According to Peterson, it doesn't matter where you sit in the formal power hierarchy, as you have an influence on the world around you.

Precision in speech is also important, according to Peterson. Being precise in your speech specifies your goal and reduces uncertainty. The world reveals itself to you in relationship to what you want, so if you specify your goals clearly, you'll be able to see the path forward. However, the downside is that you also make your conditions of failure explicit, which can be hard in the short-term.

In conclusion, Jordan Peterson's teachings on schedules, lists, and leadership can help you achieve your goals, improve your life, and have a positive impact on the world. It's important to remember to aim high, focus on what's necessary, and face difficult issues head-on. Precision in speech is also crucial for reducing uncertainty and seeing the path forward.